Investment Approach


  1. philosophy.01

    We believe successful investing requires discipline and a consistent strategy.

    When one or both are missing, emotional investing occurs and sub-par returns are likely.

  2. philosophy.02

    Our primary discipline focuses on identifying value gaps.

    We believe buying companies when there is an arbitrage opportunity (a value gap) between a company’s fundamental value and its market price offers a high probability of significant investment returns over time.

  3. philosophy.03

    Believing that investing is more art than science and thus, generating long term significant returns is not confined to a single method, we have crafted a number of strategies - all of which are applied in a consistent and disciplined manner - to appeal to a broad investor base.


Research Process

Research Process

  1. 01. Bottom-up Research
    Analysts screen their sectors conduct company visits and value stocks.
  2. 02. Daily Analyst Meeting
    Head of Research & Analysts discuss and refine investment ideas
  3. 03. Weekly Investment Meeting
    Analysts present their idea to the portfolio managers and construct model portfolios for each strategy
  4. 04. Portfolio Construction
    The portfolio manager provides the top-down overlay, while using the model portfolio as a guide for portfolio construction.
  5. 05. Risk Management
    CIO & Portfolio Manager(s) participate in the portfolio construction process and monitors portfolio.
  6. 06. Monitoring
    Continuous monitoring by analysts and portfolio managers.

Investment Universe
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